Where did I come from?

Along with “what type of dog am I?” it is a question that mum often gets asked. I’m not a pure breed and not an obvious mix. I am a Labrador and Cocker Spaniel mix and I was breed to specifically be that mix. As a mix it is called a Spanador. However answering those 2 simple questions is something that mum struggles with these days.  While she absolutely LOVES me she wishes she knew back then what she knows now we also hope this post will help others make more informed choices when they are choosing to add a dog as a wonderful member of the family.

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Foodie Friday – Puppy Anzac Biscuits

Today is ANZAC Day in Australia. It is a day where we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the war.. The 25 April is of particular note as the day the Australian and New Zealand troupes landed on the shores of the Gallipoli peninsula in Turkey in what was to be a long battle that took a dreadful toll.

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Training Tip Tuesday – Obstacle vs Handler Focus

Believe it or not Mum doesn’t want it to always be about her. I know…. I’m confused too. One of mum’s key learnings from the recent One Mind Dogs seminar was that I need to increase my level of obstacle focus and understand it is my job to successfully negotiate whatever the obstacle is.

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Foodie Friday – Easter Special Slice

It’s Easter Long Weekend. While Easter brings lots of chocolate treats for the family chocolate is a big no no for us puppy dogs. Chocolate can be lethal for us dogs. A big No No.

But don’t worry us dogs don’t need to be left out. Mum has come up with a super yummy treat where we stole the carrots from the Easter Bunny (opps sorry about that Rabbs).

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Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge – Week 10 – My Pretty Ribbon

We were pretty excited when we saw this week’s photo challenge come through from We Live In A Flat. We love the idea of colour splashes to make key elements of a photo stand out and create an interesting composition.

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We broke the Metro Mid Week curse…

Another day and mum has me off at a trial. I mean seriously mum… this is exhausting.

But today was a little bit more sedate than the weekend. It was an Obedience and Rally O trial.

This is only my 2nd ever Obedience Trial (here is my 1st go at it). And well I did a little bit better than last time. The problem was the wet, damp grass. I’m a 1st World Dog! Like last time my heeling pattern, stand for exam and recall were all pretty good. Yeah I may not have stood or dropped perfectly straight (so dropped the odd point there) but oeverall I did pretty well. And yep I did my drops on that wet grass. It has been raining ALL week! Yesterday I refused to do drops on the grass at all…. Only on hard surfaces and only with treats….

photo 1

(ps…. I do drops without even needing a hand signal at home when I am hanging around trying to scam toddler food).

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The Sydney Royal…. I went, I had fun, I tried…. I pooed!

Mum & I went to the Royal Easter Show over the weekend. The Royal is an annual event. It is a big event. It isn’t just dog agility…. There are lots of other animals there looking their best. There is an audience. I must entertain the audience.

Well mum and I went along to do our best (and for me that was entertaining them).


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Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge – Week 9 – Double Exposure – Puppy Dreams

It is a huge week of agility here in 1st World Dog land. Mum has spent the 1st half of the week at the One Mind Dogs agility seminar and we are off to Sydney’s Royal Easter Show this weekend competing in the agility trial there (we did a guest post over on Puppy Tales in the lead up to the Royal about “What is Agility?” if you want to check it out). So there is a lot of agility going on… I’m almost dreaming agility…. Well actually for the sake of this photo challenge I am….

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