Sniffin’ – My 1st go at K9 Nose Time

Thanks to the awesome folks at NSDTC where we train, I got to try nose work this afternoon. Our Education Committee organise regular talks on different topics. This afternoon they had some people from K9 NoseTime. I think they sniffed out a great idea (pun intended… Couldn’t help myself).
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Ode to Miss Poppy

A couple of morning’s a week I go with my neighborhood puppy pals for a walk. I manage to find a tennis ball and play fetch while the other two chase me. Mum has been trying to get a photo of the three of us running but Miss Poppy is always a blur…. so here is my ode to Miss Poppy….. yeah I know it doesn’t quite rhyme but kinda sounds ok. Please feel free to help with a word that rhymes and fits.

Miss Poppy, Miss Poppy oh you run.

Miss Poppy, Miss Poppy you have so much fun.

Mum is trying to get a pic,

But all she gets is a blur and a swish.

Miss Poppy, Miss Poppy just stay still.

Miss Poppy, Miss Poppy an in focus photo we will.

130828 Playing Ball (1) 130828 Playing Ball (2)

(Don’ worry Hawks I will come up with one for you too…  don’t get jealous. You are still my mate.)

Yeah!!!! It stopped raining and we hit the beach

So after days and days of rain, my weekend plans being cancelled and not much to do beside lay around…. It stopped raining!!! And paws up mum… We headed to the beach.

After a bit of a run I started digging…

And digging….

And digging….

Ruby I think you would have been impressed….

Also lost 2 tennis balls so if anyone finds an extra tennis ball at Bayview please leave it for me for next time. Ta.

And now all clean after a shower and time to get comfy on the bed for a nap.

A rainy day activity for my furry friends

It’s another day of rain here. I’m supposed to be on route to what should have been my 2nd ever agility trial but instead I’m stuck inside (again!!!). Paws Down.

But I thought let’ take the opportunity to get to know our 1st World Dog furry readers (NOT cats!!!). So I have put a few questions below. Would love to hear your responses. Share them via the blog or Facebook comments. If you can send a photo too that would be great. If I get techie enough I might set up a page within the blog for 1st World readers. If you don’t want to share just let me know.

So some questions…

1. Your name? … For my friends with fancy multiple names… The name mum or dad call you?
2. Important stuff…. Favorite food (or thing to eat)?
3. Favorite toy?
4. Favorite place to nap?
5. Favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
6. Favorite thing to do on a sunny day?
7. Favorite place mum or dad take you to play or hang out?
8. An interesting fact or story about you?

Hmmm favorite place to play…. Bayview with sand on my nose


Will go back to napping and dream about it…


Clever puppy

So when mum isn’t looking after me she works in marketing. It means she likes watching TV ads. She showed me this one. I think the dogs in this are pretty clever.

Jeep Ad

(The Border in this is the cousin of one of the friends I train with… she is pretty clever too)