Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge – Week 12 Mix It Up – My Big Day

Well we are at at the end of We Live In A Flat’s 12 week app photo challenge and we have learnt SO much.  You can check out what we have learnt over the last 11 weeks ion my Photo Challenge page or see more detailed descriptions of the apps on Mrs P and Donna’s page.

So this week is about using a combination of what we have learnt. We have chosen to use 3 techniques:

* Colour Splash from Week 10

* Bohek from Week 1 

* Text on Photo from Week 11

(in that order)

So here is our original photo…


Nice isn’t it. I look pretty special with all my ribbons.


And here is our app’ed photo…



It is a bit busier and you can’t see my lovely coat colour (hmmm not so sure about the colour splash)  but it shows off my ribbons and mum has used the text to capture what the ribbons were for and when and where we won them. We also used the Bokeh in the top left to create some visual interest. We then popped back into Photo Editor to do the boarder.

So hope you like our final photo in the Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge and we look forward to what Mrs P at We Live In A Flat has for us next.

One thought on “Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge – Week 12 Mix It Up – My Big Day

  1. I must admit Bodhi, I miss your beautiful coat color BUT I really like how well your ribbons are highlighted by using the color splash. I think the bit of bokeh was genius! Nice job on all the wins and the great finale edit!

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