(Dog… Well maybe not today) Blog and Marketing Monday – The School of Life

I’m borrowing this week’s Marketing Monday from a friend because it is a good read. Steve is a friend of mums and someone she finds inspirational person to have coffee with when she is in Melbourne. This post on his Start Up blog chats about what we learn in formal schooling versus our own choices in vocational learning and life experiences.

It makes sense for this blog. Mum set up this blog as a learning experience. She works in marketing. She advises her clients on marketing strategies and digital and blogs are a component of this so how better to learn than to actively participate in the space…. Hence 1st World Dog.

So enjoy a little read and while it’s not a Dog Blog we do recommend checking out Start Up Blog here.

It is awesome when you find something that you enjoy and learn so bit it blogging or something like me and agility… Go forth and keep learning.


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