Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge – Week 11 – Who Me?





We have fiddled around with text in images before but have enjoyed learning so much more and new tools thanks to Mrs P at We Live In A Flat.

Here is our original image….


As we have gained more skills we found using Moldiv, as recommended by Mrs P, very users friendly but also opening up a whole new array of options.  The breadth of knowledge and confidence we have been developing (and still learning so much) meant we also went to Photo Editor first to make the image more visually interesting (darker and less focused background).


Of course I am the subject…. and who could resist those eyes? “Who? me?” pretty much sums up the mischief behind those big brown innocent eyes… cause I would NEVER do anything wrong?

Processed with Moldiv


Thanks Mrs P for continuing to put in an amazing amount of effort to educate us on photo apps. Also FireBonnet for co-hosting. Almost at the end of the 12 week Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge…. hope Mrs P is planning the next challenge.



9 thoughts on “Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge – Week 11 – Who Me?

  1. Isn’t it great how much research JX does and how much more skilled we’re all getting from this? I really like what you did with the photo before adding the text. It made the text and the gorgeous Bodhi eyes pop.

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