Foodie Friday – Easter Special Slice

It’s Easter Long Weekend. While Easter brings lots of chocolate treats for the family chocolate is a big no no for us puppy dogs. Chocolate can be lethal for us dogs. A big No No.

But don’t worry us dogs don’t need to be left out. Mum has come up with a super yummy treat where we stole the carrots from the Easter Bunny (opps sorry about that Rabbs).

What you need from the fridge or cupboard:

* 2 carrots grated

* approximately 200g of liver

* a handful of parsley

* a dash of turmeric

* a cup of plain flour

* one egg


What you need to do with the stuff:

* Firstly get the oven pre heating at 180C.

* In mum’s usual fashion she makes things pretty easy to mix together. In this case she uses the food processor and starts off putting the carrots, liver, parsley and turmeric in and giving it a spin until it is mixed finely together.


* Then add the flour and give it a whizz for a few more moments.

* Finally add the egg and give it a final gentle whizz until the egg is mixed through.

* Line a tray with baking tray and spoon the mixture into the tray.

* Pop into the oven for about 15 minutes and then take out to cool.

* Once cooled cut up into slice.

Hey did someone say an Easter Puppy Treat Hunt. Like my go at Nosework this is a great activity for mental stimulation and keeps me clear of the chocolate.



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