Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge – Week 10 – My Pretty Ribbon

We were pretty excited when we saw this week’s photo challenge come through from We Live In A Flat. We love the idea of colour splashes to make key elements of a photo stand out and create an interesting composition.

We have had a big week of trials (competitions) with a 2 day agility trial and then an Obedience & Rally O trial. I have been a bit of a ratbag so qualies (passes) weren’t happening until the very last event of all of those trials. For getting a pass I get a pretty ribbon (not a place ribbon unfortunately as just scrapped through with enough points but a pass none the less) so me and my ribbon are the subject go our challenge photo this week.

Here is the original…


And here is my Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge Photo…


There are a couple of things we like about this. Firstly it is using the colour splash subtly in regards to layout. It isn’t just front and centre. The other thing we like was a nice accident. My ribbon being orange meant when we played with the amount of colour it didn’t quite remove it all from my coat and instead left little highlights. Not exactly how colour splash is supposed to work but we really liked the effect.

Thanks again to Mrs P at We Live In A Flat for teaching us new tricks and FireBonnet for co-hosting.



4 thoughts on “Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge – Week 10 – My Pretty Ribbon

  1. Keep gathering those ribbons Bodhi! Toddler will have a hard time playing catch up to build her own collection of ribbons and trophies from her school sports days in future 😉

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