We broke the Metro Mid Week curse…

Another day and mum has me off at a trial. I mean seriously mum… this is exhausting.

But today was a little bit more sedate than the weekend. It was an Obedience and Rally O trial.

This is only my 2nd ever Obedience Trial (here is my 1st go at it). And well I did a little bit better than last time. The problem was the wet, damp grass. I’m a 1st World Dog! Like last time my heeling pattern, stand for exam and recall were all pretty good. Yeah I may not have stood or dropped perfectly straight (so dropped the odd point there) but oeverall I did pretty well. And yep I did my drops on that wet grass. It has been raining ALL week! Yesterday I refused to do drops on the grass at all…. Only on hard surfaces and only with treats….

photo 1

(ps…. I do drops without even needing a hand signal at home when I am hanging around trying to scam toddler food).

So I got through the heeling pattern on reasonable points and then had to wait around for the “Groups”.

photo 2

The “Groups” finally came up when there were enough dogs that past the heeling pattern. In this case there was 3 of us (so I did pretty well to get through the heeling). The “Groups” start with a Sit. So this involves mum putting me in a sit lined up next to the other dogs. Mum says stays and then she walks out a bit turns around and just stands there. I think I can see her talking to herself in her mind telling me not to move. This time I didn’t. Yeah I looked around, I mean there was stuff happening in all the other rings around me, but I didn’t move. Unlike last time I didn’t move. Woohoo I did the whole 1 minute sit-stay.

So next thing up was the 2min down – stay. Ummmm nope I’m not going to drop on that cold wet grass. And I didn’t. Mum tried. She begged. I licked her on the face to make her feel better. Judge said sorry. Yep mum stills love me.

Then we moved over to the Rally ring. Yep straight out of one and then into another. This is hard work this trialling stuff. Mum walked the course and then come and got me from where a friend was holding me. Off we went in the Rally Excellent ring. In most part I did well. I kept up with mum and did as she said. Still not great on my 3 steps backwards. Also didn’t do a great job of the “Moving Stand Walk Around The Dog”. But I got through… OK on 71 points but I only need 70. Hmmmm this seems to be coming a regular occurrence of getting through with 71 points. Don’t think mum likes cutting it that fine. Then came the Honour. The Honour is a bit like “Groups” in that I have to sit or drop for a long time. In this case it is while the next dog goes through the ring. Except the Honour position was a “drop”. I really didn’t want to drop. I really really didn’t want to drop. But eventually I did. Oh mum was SO excited. And I did it. Yep it was probably longer than the 2mins I needed to do in the “Groups” but I did it! Scraping through with 71 points and a drop into the Honour position that mum had to bed for but I did it.

I now have 2 Rally Excellent quallies. Pretty cool.

photo 4

So stay tuned for the next Rally O trial coming up at the end of the month and in the meantime I have collated my Rally O & Obedience journey so far here.

And by the way I was happily lying up next to my crate after all that…. mum didn’t even need to tell me to drop.

photo 3


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