Mum’s off to learn about One Mind Dogs

And I am sulking!



(I’m actually laying next to Dad on the lounge tonight and not next to Mum like I normally would…. Mum is going to the seminar in an audit spot not a working spot which means I don’t get to go… need to be more organised mum and get in early for a working spot!)

So what is One Mind Dogs? Well the agility community here in Sydney is just a little excited about the visit from Noora from One Mind Dogs this week and the training seminar she is giving.

We have been practicing the OMD moves in training since late last year. Here is some of our early attempts. More recently we even used the German Turn at a trial. To date we have been learning through their DVD, their website, YouTube videos of runs and from our friends here who are looking at the moves too and learning together. Just a bit excited that mum is going to get a chance to learn from Noora directly this week…. Just a pity she wasn’t more organised and we don’t have a working spot.

Look forward to mum telling me about all the cool stuff she learns this week. In the meantime here is the earlier Marketing Monday post Mum wrote on One Mind Dogs. Besides some great agility handling these guys have also done a great Marketing job. How cool is it when great stuff gets well marketed!




2 thoughts on “Mum’s off to learn about One Mind Dogs

  1. See you here!…. Maybe…! Not that I have any idea what you look like. Maybe I’ll have to peer really closely at your videos and then peer around the lecture 😉

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