Puppy Days

Toddler came across some ‘Baby Bodhi’ photos on the iPad.

Ahhh how cute am I!


There are times when some reminiscing is good.

Yeah I was a ratbag as a pup. Here is me with my older step brother….


Can you pick which one is me?

And I’m being a bit of a ratbag at the moment too. At home I’m pretty good (well apart from taking over the bed and barking at anything that moves). Nah my real ratbag-ness is at agility. Ok I am creating some havoc at start lines but I have also decided to start jumping up and nipping at mum if we stop for any reason mid course or if she doesn’t get treats out quickly enough at the end of the course. I’m hyped!!! It isn’t going down too well with mum and I am being walked off training courses for the behaviour.

I know she still loves me… Hence looking at all the cute puppy photos…





Yeah I was cute back then… Luckily I’m still cute.


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