Foodie Friday – Breakfast Museli

An important meal of the day to top up my energy after my morning walk.

While some days consist of more ‘doggie’ meals there are some times I get a special treat.

What you need from the fridge or cupboard:
* some low fat natural yoghurt (the more natural it is the better)
* frozen blueberries (or you can obviously use fresh ones if you have then on hand…. it is just the frozen ones can be really convenient) at about a quarter of the amount of yoghurt
* oats at a quarter to a half of the amount of yoghurt

What you need to do with the stuff:
* we purposely didn’t put exact measurements and instead gave ratios as this is best made up fresh just before serving. The serving size you will give will depend on the size and amount of activity your dog does.
* this can be made directly into the food bowl.
* simply start with the desired about of yoghurt and then add the relative proportions of blueberries and oats.
* mix the ingredients roughly together and serve.


Super simple to prepare but a heathy and delicious change from traditional puppy food.

If you like checking out dog food and treat ideas than please check out my 1st World Dog Recipe Book.

Hope you enjoy.
Bodhi Oooo

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