Three in the bed and the little one said…

Roll over… Roll over…

So my rules on where a 1st World Dog sleep are pretty simple.


1. I don’t do crate. The exception is at trials (agility & rally competitions) when mum is walking the course. And then it is only for a short period and as soon as mum returns I need to be let back out.

2. The lounge is my primary napping spot. If you roll back through the photos in blog posts, Facebook and Instagram this is where you will generally find me.

3. When it is MY bedtime I find a comfy bed. And there is a distinct difference between MY bedtime and Dad’s bedtime.

So 3 simple rules. And this has generally all worked well until this week.

See traditionally what has happened is…

1. I nap on lounge.

2. Mum & Dad go to sit on the lounge and I move off to their bed.

3. Mum comes to bed and I get pats before she goes to sleep (cause someone needs to get up early to take me for a walk).

4. Dad comes to bed and I get off and go back to the lounge.

BUT…. Nope. I am sticking up for myself. I was there 1st and I’m a 1st World Dog and I’m not moving!

Yep. 3 in the bed and the little one said… you can sleep around me!





2 thoughts on “Three in the bed and the little one said…

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