Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge Week 7 – Sketch It

This week Mrs P and Donna over at We Live In A Flat have been teaching us about sketching and a new app called Camera360.


We had lots of fun with this one although I have to say the “crayon” effect version of me is a bit spooky.


So what we did decide on for the Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge this week was something more traditional and closer to the graphite style that Mrs P used in her examples.

Here is the original photo…

photo 1

And here is the app’ed version…

photo 2


We really like this as it takes the original not very interesting image and the reduced detail of the sketch style allows the patterns to come through. Besides my wrinkly forehead (that was really intense in some versions we played with) there is the overt pattern of the cushions, the stubble pattern of the blanket I am laying on and the folds of the lounge cushions behind me. All of these subtlise were lost on the original image or look out of place in the case of cushions. Just by pulling this back to a simple graphite style sketch this feels like a more even and composed image.

Thanks again to Mrs P at We Live In A Flat for sharing your experiences and hosting the Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge and Megan at Firebonnet for co-hosting.


6 thoughts on “Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge Week 7 – Sketch It

  1. I like how it takes away the shadow from the sofa, so that the focus is on Bodhi against the striped cushions. And that is the reason why I love the sketch filter in that app. It just turns drab to fab! 😉

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  3. Oh my… you do look spooky in the crayon effect! 😉 But the graphite one is really great on that couch photo. It enhances Bodhi with just the right amount of surrounding detail. Nice choice!

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