Happy 21st Toddler

Well actually she is 3… But I figure toddler has spent a lot of time crawling around on all 4s (still does now even though she can walk on 2… I think she just likes hanging out with me), uses licks as a form of kisses and hey she can even do a sit, drop and stand on command. For this I am making the toddler an honorary dog and hence on her 3rd Birthday I’m celebrating her 21st.



So to celebrate her 21st I thought I would list the reasons I love my toddler. So here we go…

1. More mum time: I know it sounds counterintuitive that you bring a distraction in but somehow I score more mum time. Well that is exactly what happened 3 years ago (actually a few weeks prior to that as mum had a couple of weeks of before… Ps don’t start agility at 36 weeks pregnant… Teaching a dog to dog through a tunnel at that point is slightly uncomfortable). When toddler (well at that point we referred to her as the noisy one) was born mum stopped heading off to some office place most mornings and instead created a business that meant she worked from home. Now I get way more mum time.

2. Food: the toddler has become very good at sharing. Especially if mum says ‘finish xxx before you can have or do xxx’. Smart kid has worked out that sharing with me speeds up the process. This was especially funny when she went through a stage of trying to be secretive. She would take the piece of food to her mouth and then quickly move it under the table to me who was waiting under the table. Great teamwork! Toddler also gets the job of getting my food out some mornings. She is pretty good at it.



3. More walks: Toddler loves to get out and about. I have learnt to walk beside lots of different things. Firstly it was the big pram (that was a bit hard to maneuver around. We then had the baby bjorn pouch thing mum wore. Now that was awesome as there were no wheels for me to get the lead caught up in or run over my paw. Next came the trike… Noisy!!! At the same time as this we also had the stroller for the longer trips like the walk up to Kindy. Now we have moved onto a little bike with training wheels and a stick out the back so mum can push. We get to walk up to Kindy with this too which is cool. And a secret… Toddler is getting a scooter for her birthday. Means she will be able to scoot out in front. Hopefully mum will find a park where she can scoot and I can run along beside her (and then we can watch mum chase us both… Hehe).


4. More pats: yep the Toddler is getting pretty good at pats these days (and the odd kick and palm but that’s another story). It’s another reason I love the walks to Kindy too as I get LOTS of toddler pats. It is like I’m a rock star!

We also have lots of moments when the toddler & I together make mum laugh. When toddler joins me at the window to bark. When she tries to tell me to do something and I just give her ‘a look’ and how the Toddler says ‘excuse me Bodhi’ when ever I am lying in the path and she wants to walk past.

1311 With my toddler

Happy Birthday Toddler and I’m looking forward to lots more adventures with you.



5 thoughts on “Happy 21st Toddler

  1. How cute! Can’t imagine not growing up with a dog and from what Bodhi has to say, they like growing up with kids too – win-win! 🙂 Happy birthday little one!!

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