Training Tip Tuesday – Ahhhh the Stretch

Inspired by a couple of social media posts we have seen from Tim Norris of Both Ends of the Lead over recent weeks.

Partly because of my bar dropping and limbo abilities and also because I’m not one of those naturally athletic agility kinda dogs (thanks mum.. I won’t take that as an insult) mum is very conscious of looking after me. Making sure joints and muscles are all well looked after. We have a friend at the dog club who regularly gives me Bowen Therapy (LOVE Jacky!!!). I have also been lucky enough to have Tim from Both Ends of the Lead work on me when we see him at trials. Mum & I were both really happy with how he worked so when we saw these recent pieces we thought they were worth sharing with a broader audience so others can appreciate how to look after us dogs.


The 1st article here is about “Do Dogs Need to Stretch”…. the obvious answer being YES. A great read.

The next piece here is a Guest Post over on Dog Adventures is about “Preventing Injuries in Active Dogs” (i.e. dogs like me but also any dog that likes to run). Do you just jump out of the car and Go?

And on the Both Ends of the Lead blog there is a great post and video here on “Stretching Your Dog Safely” starting with the Hip & Thigh. Can’t wait for more of Tim’s videos and to see Tim again too.  He will be up at the Dogs Day Out at our training grounds at St Ives Showground on Sun 30 March 2014 if you are in Sydney and want to find out more. Unfortunately we won’t be there as we were already entered in an agility trial elsewhere but do pop up there if you are in Sydney as lots of my friends will be up there doing demos too. They will even have a “Try out Rally O” course set up.

Hopefully this Training Tip Tuesday while not a new trick is a good source of information about stretching and you enjoy checking out the links.

Bodhi Oooo




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