Training vs Trialling

I love playing with mum’s mind. Doing things nicely in training and then running riot in a trial.

Take start line stays. Check out today’s training. Mum let’s go of my collar and I sit there. She acknowledges the judge… She could have gone off and made a cup of tea. Yep I just sat there and waited for her release cue. And then there is what happens in a trial… Hehe.

Contacts too. The contact is that area at the base of dog walks etc that is painted a different colour. One the way up and down I am supposed to have at least 1 paw touch the colour area. Yep tick in training. Ah trial…. Launch myself off contact equipment at the furtherest point possible… Top of A-frame preferably so I can hear everyone gasp. Oh and did I mention stopping on the table.

So here is today’s video. It was lots of fun today. Trying a few funky moves. A couple of bars down but they were more handling from mum (and we had been training for a couple of hours so I was a bit tired… My excuse). All in all a good day back after a week of holiday.

Let’s see what happens when we go back to daytime trials now as we move into winter.

Hope you enjoy.
Bodhi Oooo

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