Mum was a bit excited…. Just a bit.

Last night we had an agility trial. It was a triple jumping trial… 3 chances to run riot… Oh I mean 3 chances to get a qualie in JD… The illusive 3rd pass to get our 1st agility title.

I was ready… Taking prime seat in the very packed car (although mum is a chronic overpacking there was 3 people, my mate Regal the black lab and me all in the car so maybe this isn’t so bad)


The weather had been shocking for the couple of days prior… Lots of annoying rain. I’m a gun dog mutt so not normally too worried by the rain but even this was annoying.

My shaved down coat, while it has been cooler over summer, is not particularly effective in weather like this. Thankfully mum looked after me. Had me all rugged up…



During the worst of it I even became a 25kg lap dog (think I was keeping mum warm too)…


So enough about the weather… Let’s talk the agility runs.

Well the 1st 2 weren’t that bad… Just did a bit of independent thinking on where the course should run. But hey my jumping was pretty good… The odd bar down but not bad for me. Oh yeah and don’t mention the start line stays to mum (despite lots of work over recent weeks I was WAY to excited to let her get out in front). So 2 DQs but partly because mum lets me run and enjoy if we have faulted… Get this feeling mum chases qualies rather than places?

Here is Run1

Here is Run2

There was then a lot of waiting…. Heaps more rain (thankfully I was snuggled up with mum under the gazebo being a lap dog) … Mum thought about just going home….

But she didn’t…. And she is glad she didn’t….

We DID IT!!!! A qualie and our 1st agility title. Here is the video. Mum is just a bit excited.

He was a fun night. My mate Mawson ran shortly after and got his title too… We shall now refer to him as Sir Mawson.

So there you have it…. Plenty more trials coming up… Think mum is now going…. “Ahhhh I need to work out how to run an Excellent course!!!!”. Stay tuned for the updates.

5 thoughts on “Mum was a bit excited…. Just a bit.

  1. Love it! Nice run and just a smudge of excitement at the end, you need to really look hard to see it 😛 I think she nearly stepped on you there mate! Well done Sir Bodhi 😀

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