Dog Blog & Marketing Monday – Communities

Think mum is still feeling all warm and fuzzy after her trip away last week. She was doing research finding out what other humans think about the concept of communities. Turns out we all like to have others around and in most cases help others out.

This idea of helping others is something that has pleasantly surprised mum about the blogging community. Linking to other blogger’s relevant posts and sharing advice (we find Aussie Blogs to Love really helpful) is something we didn’t expect to see as early on as we have (we have had one Marketing Monday post go crazy the other week). But the thing that is also interesting is that most of these are blogs writing about similar things.

This similarity is different to the traditional marketing world. In traditional marketing collaborations tend to be from different product categories. Think cars and watches or sunglasses. Mum had experience with ECLIPSE Mints and the Twilight movie. The benefits of these types of collaborations is incremental reach. Working with categories we don’t traditionally work with to give consumers a new experience.

As a pet blog than I see lots of opportunities, especially with family / parenting blogs and child safety, dog stimulation and parent sanity so conscious to challenge others on what collaborations they could see outside of the norm. It is a wonderful blogging community that we have found ourselves in and interested in how others find the dynamics of formal and informal collaboration.

From a Dog Blog call out a couple of favs from within the dog community of linking have been from our Recipe Book. Paws and Pedals has taught us about the benefits of turmeric. This inspired a Foodie Friday recipe which they have since linked back to. Creature Clinic also has a very informative post about heat stroke in pets which includes our puppy ice block recipe.

Hope you have enjoyed our Marketing Monday and would love to hear your ideas on collaboration.

Bodhi Oooo



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