Why us dogs are awesome… Yet another reason…. We create communities

Like you need another reason on why us dogs are awesome… But going to share my thoughts anyway.

See mum is off traveling this week for work. Interestingly part of the research she is doing is understanding people’s perception of what ‘community’ means. In our busy lives we often struggle to spend as much time as we would like with those around us. With others that we relate to and give us a sense of belonging.

A cool thing about having a dog is that most people get out and about with their dog. It might be to puppy pre-school, a walk around the block, local off leash dog park or maybe even join a dog training club like we have. The thing is when you are out and about you tend to see other people. And when you have a dog with you it is an introductory talking point… A way to break the ice.

You humans are like us dogs in you like to have a pack, you like to know other people are around. It’s even better when we can do that together too…. You meet people and I meet dogs. And you see people regularly and have conversations… dogs are a great icebreaker.

So see another reason we dogs are awesome.

This post is special as mum is off travelling but she is really really appreciating our community. While she is away our neighbours have been looking after me during the day when dad is at work and toddler at kindy. They have been bringing my mates over to play, doing some great ball throwing and sending mum pics so she doesn’t miss me too much. How cool is it when you live in a community like that. Thanks friends. Big paws up Oooo

Here is some of the pics…. It’s great having mates.




3 thoughts on “Why us dogs are awesome… Yet another reason…. We create communities

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