Flea Bag

What is it with me and small critters wanting to hitch a ride???

After not one but two tick incidents this summer. A change of tick treatment… And now fleas!!!

Annoying little buggers.

Thankfully these things don’t have me visiting the vets but they did have mum holding me down on my back while dad sprayed me with some funny liquid and combed the little buggers off me.

Never met them before but over all these critters that want to hang out with me at the moment.


Now after mum has washed all the rugs I lay on I have been given the thumbs up to make myself comfy again. Let’s hope these things stay away now.

4 thoughts on “Flea Bag

  1. Oh, you do look grumpy. Getting rid of them sounds like a lot of work D: Donna scratches a lot, but I’ve not seen fleas yet *fingers crossed*… she is on Frontline Plus so that helps with the ticks and the fleas, I suppose.

    At least their gone for now 😉

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