Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge – Week 1

Very excited to be participating in a new Photo Challenge from Mrs P and Donna over at We Live In A  Flat and co-hosted with FireBonnet. While we enjoyed the My Best Photo Of The Week challenge as it was our 1st ever blogging challenge, what we really loved about it was learning about new apps that can be used to make photos more interesting. So now every week we are going to be challenged with a new app or style, Snappy H’appy…. very exciting.

This week Mrs P and Donna have taught as about Bokeh. There is lots of great information on what it is and also what apps are available to achieve this look over on their blog post (well worth a look).

So here is our attempt at Bokeh.

While Mrs P talked about light what we thought of was rain and rainbow reflections, maybe it was because we woke up this morning to the fresh landscape after overnight rain. So we headed down to the backyard where the plants were still damp and there is moss on the rocks to give it a rainforest feel.

The 1st one we did we just used quiet stubble highlights playing on the colours from the scene. Below is both the original and the  app-ed version. What do you think?

photo 1

photo 4

Then we tried a larger filter but placed it so it didn’t interfere with mwah… the main subject.

 photo-5photo 3

While I have liked trying it I do find it can make choosing a focal point in the picture quite difficult with such a dominate bright light stealing some of my limelight. As Mrs P said in her post Bokeh should be about enhancing rather than detracting so feel like we need a bit more work. We are going continue to play with the Bokeh apps and see  how we can make it work for us…. I definitely like the idea of creating my own rainbows.

From a technical perspective we used a combination of Photo Editor and then RealBokeh.

Logo 2

If you enjoy learning new things than come along and join the Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge.

18 thoughts on “Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge – Week 1

  1. Oh yeah, that limelight is stealing your limelight alright! LOL That photo works because of your humour! The blue around the first photo definitely helps focus the attention on Bodhi. And the sparkly green lights certainly does enhance the magical mood of your rainforest. You look fresh and lovely, Bodhi (even if you are a boy and I suppose lovely should not apply, vs macho or something, hah!)

    Thank you for joining. How did you find the app RealBokeh?

  2. I really like the bokeh on the first image… it’s like the moss on the rocks is glowing. Most certainly the focus is on Bodhi’s handsome face. The colors in the image really enhance his gorgeous coloring. He seems such a happy dog with all those fairy lights around him! 😉

    • Thanks Sassmuffins. Appreciate the feedback. First time playing with the style and not something we would normally use so great to hear what others think. Are you joining the Photo Challenge?

      • I am so sorry I had not responded earlier. Between a trip out-of-state with my daughter in hospital and then my Dad in hospital here at home for two weeks, I am just now catching up, but yes…I am participating!

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