A lesson in perseverance

There are lots of things I help the family learn. For mum there are lessons about work. For toddler I help her learn respect and responsibility. What I am also teaching mum is perseverance.

Yep we love agility. Especially me at the moment. LOVING agility!!! Like seriously you can’t fault my motivation and drive. Take me anywhere near the ring and I am fired up. Start line stays (which I used to be pretty solid at) have gone by the wayside in my enthusiasm to get out there and run the course. Contacts at the end of the dog walk and A frame are just something to launch myself beyond as I speed towards the next obstacle. Weaves are much faster if you leave out the last couple (weave entries have generally been pretty good so mum is taking that as a positive). Time faults… What are they? Nope finishing the course well under any set course time and having a ball of fun.
Oh and bar dropping hasn’t actually been too bad or maybe mum is busy reeling from all the other chaos to notice that Cyclone Bodhi has been through.

So with all the fun I’m having mum is learning the real secret of agility. Despite all the technical agility stuff about different turns and cues what mum is really getting is a lesson in perseverance. That things don’t also go the way you would like them to. There are highs (did the distance work in Open Agility without any issues) and there are challenges (please refer to the list in the paragraph above). And after another trial where we didn’t walk away with a quallie (ideally that 3rd JD one to get our title) she could say Nah this is all too hard but where would be the fun in that. Nope we will be at training next week. We will work on that stuff that I am not doing quite right at the moment because I’m all excited, we will get to hang out with great people who also know this is a patience game (one poodle friend last night got her 1st qual in 12mths despite being a Master level dog… She has also had a litter of pups in that time too but anyway it was still exciting) and most of all mum and I will get to spend time together doing fun stuff.

So she could only smile when my happy face came in to greet her bright and early this morning.


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