We had SO much fun!

Agility trial on Saturday night and it was LOTS of fun.

There were some bits that because I was SO excited with the 1st trial of the year I forgot how I am meant to do them (starts anyone). Then I had so some awesome moments. Here are videos of each of our runs:
JD: 2 dropped bars but otherwise a nice run. Video
RQH Jumping: Mum’s highlight of the night with every bar still up. She was celebrating at the end so much that the judge reminded her it wasn’t a clean run. Video
AD: Sometime after midnight and I turned into a Gremlin (unlike my previous Reverse Gremlin effort for a quallie in the same ring in Dec). Break the start – check. Leap over contact at end of dog walk – check. Slide off table – check. SO much fun. Video

Hope you get a laugh watching them as much as we had fun running them.

140201 Crazy Agility Dog

4 thoughts on “We had SO much fun!

  1. Looks awesome!!! What is RQH?! Looks like Open with the weaves in a jumping course but there wasn’t a distance line?
    I hope Lu gets all speedy and happy when we start competing and really RUNNING! I’d love to race her like this! 😀

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