Some more funky moves

Been having some fun training over the summer break, so not sure how much of a break it is??? But anyway been learning some of the funky One Mind Dogs moves and we have been taping them so we can see what we are doing…. A lot of the OMD stuff means mum is in front of me and moving on to the next thing once I have committed to a jump so she doesn’t always see what I’m doing… She has to trust me… Hehehe. Hence videoing so she can see what I’m up to… Not sure if she thinks I’m doing… the Cha Cha or stopping for a cup of tea?

So here is the link to some stuff we did yesterday. It was a Happy Hurdles course and have to say it was pretty tough. A few bars down (it is me… One Bar Bodhi after all) and lots of tricky bits but think we did ok for Novices… Mum even remembered where to go most of the time.

Hope you have fun watching!

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