Foodie Friday – Sausage, Rice & Carrot Slice

It’s summer time here and that means lots of BBQs. I love to snaffle a snag from around the BBQ (not really off as it is too hot) but where I have found these BBQ are really good is with the leftovers. There are usually more sausages cooked than eaten and hence I normally get leftovers in the days that follow. However mum is concerned that sausages themselves aren’t really that good for me so she came up with this combo….

What you need to get out of the cupboard and fridge:

  •  A leftover sausasge or 2.
  • A cup of cooked rice.
  • A carrot which has been grated.
  • 2 eggs.

What you do with the stuff:

  • Firstly pre-heat the oven to about 160 degrees C.
  • Mum is a fan of the food processor so she puts all the ingredients except for the eggs into the food processor and turns on the noisy thing to do its thing until everything is all mushed up and companied. Alternatively you can cut the sausages into small pieces and mix the ingredients together.
  • Once everything is mixed than add the eggs and hand mix them in.

Sausage, Rice & Carrot

  • Once the egg is mixed in than it is time to spoon out the mixture into a lined baking tray.
  • Pop in the oven and leave to cook for 20-30 mins.
  • Once cooked than slice up into pieces.

Sausage, Rice and Carrot Slice

We will mention that this one is a bit mushy. It is awesome for training treats as really easy to eat. Just put it into a small plastic zip lock bag or something before you put it in your pocket.

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