Apologies for lack of posting yesterday. Blame mum… Work… Seriously mum…. Priorities.

So before we do Foodie Friday later on today (ohhh did someone say my Birthday Cake???? My birthday early next week!) thought we would share a quick little cartoon from the very funny Off The Leash… Appropriately about priorities.


Seems to be this work thing that our parents do is getting in the way at the moment. Maybe we just got used to having them around over those holiday things the last few weeks (and I am lucky that mum works from home most of the time). But speaking to my mates our parents seem to be having to leave the house without us a lot more at the moment… Mmmmm priorities people. Stay tuned as my mates and I are working on some rules.

Ok mum home this morning and there has been words spoken about some training and treats made especially for it last night… Let’s Go!


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