Having lots of fun at agility training

One of the best bits of being a 1st World Dog, besides the homemade treats (check out my Recipe Book) and napping on lounges and bed, is that mum & I do lots of dog sports together.
The Obedience and Rally stuff is good to keep me in check and create some order in the house but the stuff I really love is agility. Now I’m a Novice Dog (so have a few qualies but no titles yet) and I am the first dog mum has trained. I’m almost 4 so we didn’t get into this until late by agility dog standards (we only went in a trial ring not even a year ago) and I’m a cross cocker-lab so not like all the super quick borders and kelpies in the 500 height we run… But we love it! Yep agility is really fun! I love running the courses with mum. We get to spend time together. We also meet lots of great people and dogs. We learn new stuff (so I come home and zzzzz). It is awesome.

So to share the fun we have put together a little video of training from this morning. Just click here.
(For those that were there than yep we did drop a few bars but the beauty of the edit is I got a clean run…. Mum is looking at the drop bars desperately… This is just for you to see the fun)

Now Zzzzzzz


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