Foodie Friday – Sharing Smoothie

Mum & I love this one on a summer day as it is super easy but also something that we can share (well for some reason mum won’t let me lick out of her glass but we can both have the same thing.

What you need out of the fridge or cupboard:
* A banana
* A mango
* A couple of spoonfuls of natural yoghurt
* A bit of milk

What you do with it:
* This one is super easy… Put it in a blender and turn it on so the banana and mango mix on in to the yoghurt and milk.
* Mum pours hers into a glass to drink (or puts in the fridge for later). Mine gets poured into a little plastic container and put in the freezer for a couple of hours (often this is the next morning as mum makes her new one each morning).
* get human to get it out of the freezer when you want it (may involve barking at freezer door) and have them simply run it under a bit of water to loosen and then pop it out into bowl.

Yep that simple, great for hot summer days or a nice way to ‘share’ breakky with mum.


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