1st World Dog Guide to Staying Cool

Phew it is a bit warm here in Sydney (and feeling for our blog readers in Melbourne and Adelaide… Stay Cool guys!). Besides putting on the sunnies to be ‘Super Cool’ as the toddler says, here are a couple of things mum & I do to stay cool in the heat that we thought we would share:

1. Get out early (or late): I’m an early morning kinda dog and thankfully mum is a morning kinda human so especially in hot weather we get out and do our walks in the cooler morning (mum is less excited about the early mornings in winter by the way). The other alternative if your not a morning dog or human is the evening. An after dinner walk is always nice. The other thing we do is get the neighbourhood dogs together and have our own off leash romp in the front yard. Humans seem to enjoy a glass of wine or a beer while we dogs have a bit of fun in the cool of the evening.

2. Puppy Ice-Blocks: super easy to make with the basic recipe linked here. Lots of different things you can add so let us know what you put in down in the comments. Great to keep cool and also provide a bit of mental stimulation when not running around or staying inside out of the heat.

3. Puppy Pools: believe this clamshell pool thing was originally purchased for the Toddler but I love to have a little dip in the hot weather.


4. Using the Brain: yeah we aren’t all that keen to run around in this heat (and you don’t want us to for fear of heat exhaustion) but that doesn’t mean we can’t use our brains. Try games like Hide&Seek or putting a piece of food under a plastic cup or bowl. This weather is a great time to practice skills even things like Stays. Just keep them Fun and Short & Sweet, especially in this heat.

So hopefully there is a few ideas from what we do in this hot whether to both stay cool and keep me out of mischief.


4 thoughts on “1st World Dog Guide to Staying Cool

  1. Great tips you have here. We’re also in the middle of a heatwave here in South Africa, and I’ve been doing most of these for my poor hot pup!

    • Seems like Southern Hemisphere doing it hot while Northern doing it cold…. Think I’m better with the hot. Not really a long haired type of dog – especially after the last tick incident when I got an aerodynamic haircut that mum thinks we might keep doing for Summer.

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