1st World Dog in the press

A couple of my mates and I had to be on best behavior earlier in the week for a photoshot for the local paper. They have published a story about our club Rally O trial that is on this weekend. Here’s this link.

Dog competitionPhoto Source: News Limited

The article does a pretty good job of giving a topline of what Rally O is all about. It is a fun way to do the Obedience stuff. The Rally-O stations are explained in the ANKC rules and even if you aren’t interested in trialling they are some fun exercises to practice and provide mental stimulation.

Now if we are going to do more of this celebrity stuff I am going to need to get back on the case of an agent. Should probably capture my paw print as a signature too…. Hmmm might speak to toddler about getting some paint out.

One thought on “1st World Dog in the press

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