The reverse Gremlin

Hey l may even look a bit like Gizmo… I’m cute and furry aren’t I? (Just without the white patches and my ears are furry too)

But it turns out doing agility runs after midnight works for me… including the food treats at the end.

So the day after report from the Triple Jumping Fundraiser Trial.

Run 1… I’m looking for a new handler after that run. I did an awesome run. Fantastic jumping on a course that had some jumps at weird angles but sailed over them all. Think mum was in shock as at jump 13 of 15 jumps mum gets confused which way to go! Oh seriously mum how many times did you walk the course before while I sat in the back of the car? Handler out there who would like to run a 1st World Dog? Must be able to count to at least 15 and have treats ready at the end.

131206 (2)

Run 2… Lovely fast course with some long straight lines. So straight in fact I flew down the start dropping the last bar in that 1st line. D’oh. Then did all the tricky stuff in the middle wonderfully (of course) to then drop the top bar in the spread on the straight run home. D’oh.

131206 (1)

Run 3… So we are now sometime past midnight. Mum and I are one run each on the errors as we head into the 3rd and last run for the evening. Some tricky little turns around the course and mum also made the decision to stay on the left hand side of me through a piece where lots of other people were crossing to the other side of the jump using front or rear crosses. So not to risk breaking my stride mum decided she would do her part of the teamwork and stay left and run like crazy to keep up down a longer line. Well it worked! We came together as a team. A clear and qualie run! What a way to end the evening and our last run for 2013 and I’m like a reverse Gremlin…. I work after midnight!

A late night but lots of fun hanging out with my mates.

Mum’s real highlight of the night was that there were only 2 bars down all night!!! I really did listen to her pleading (seriously she was) before we went in the ring each time for me “to keep my bum over the bar”.

Well we are inching towards an agility qualie now with 2 JD qualies. Looking forward our next trial in the new year.

3 thoughts on “The reverse Gremlin

    • Lots of fun library lady. It is wonderful running around working with mum as a team to tackle the course. They are also wonderful events spending a day or in this case evening hanging out with a bunch of people who love to spend time with their dogs. The food and drink that the owners set up for themselves was impressive too…. and I got some awesome treats especially made for the occasion.

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