Dog Blog & Marketing Monday – In the moment

Mum loves training and trialing with me as it really does force her to be “in the moment”. Be it doing some basic jumps in the front yard or out at a trial, if mum isn’t 100% “in the moment” than it all goes wrong.

Well the same can be said about great marketing moments. It is about being aware of the external things (oh is that a bird over there?!?!) that are going on and understanding what is relevant to your readers. Would they be interested in your opinion on that piece of current affairs or news.

It doesn’t have to be political or a rant (although I did have one recently because it was a topic I felt strongly about). It could just be a bit of fun, like when Lupo took center stage in the family photos of the new prince or a moment of reflection like our Photo Challenge picture during recent bushfires around Sydney.

One of my training buddies has a very clever mum. She has picked up on strata / apartment laws are changing in our area and for the 1st time it will be much easier to have a dog in an apartment (previously there was a lot of approvals required). She runs a dog training business (check out Goodog in my Friends page) so has created a course specifically for apartment dogs. What an awesome idea. So awesome in fact that local newspapers have run the story… including a front page!… Love the tongue Shellbe! )

Barbara Hodel with her dog Sheelbe in her house.

There is a lot of power in being in the moment… another marketing example is the Oreo tweet during the US Suprbowl. Huge sharing just by being in the moment. Being aware of your surroundings and then looking at ways, sometimes not direct, as to how they fit into your business or blog can be very newsworthy (as Shellbe has proven with her front page pic).

So that covers both mum’s marketing bit and also my dog blog… cause you have  to check out Goodog website and the blog there for lots of great dog related advice.

Have fun being in the moment guys!

2 thoughts on “Dog Blog & Marketing Monday – In the moment

  1. I was just remarking to Mr P the other that Barbara makes a very good business woman if she targets new apartment dog owners as a demographic… the training basics may not be significantly from your regular obedience or puppy programs but she would have a unique selling point for people living in apartments. 🙂 I’m glad it gave her the news coverage.

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