Photo Challenge Week 14 – It’s Hard Work

UphillMum loves playing with SnappyCam and it was no different this week. Lots of ball throwing so mum could take photos of me running up the hill. I think some of it was for fun but I also think there was some science going on given mum’s obsession with me not playing limbo or knocking bars on agility courses. She has a theory that all this playing fetch up and down the rocks in our yard means I pull myself up with my front legs rather than launch myself up off my hind legs. So mum has been taking photos with SnappyCam to look at what I am doing… nice try mum.

Thanks Donna. I prefer the Photo Challenge as just an excuse for mum to take cool pictures of me rather than trying to get technical… but as long as she is having fun.


6 thoughts on “Photo Challenge Week 14 – It’s Hard Work

    • Very true… But have to say to see the excitement on everyone, especially mum’s, faces when I didn’t drop bars at the agility jumping trial last Friday night was pretty cool. And I got LOTS of yummy treats!

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