Mum’s a Nerd!

Mum has been spending WAY too much time of late learning about new agility stuff and watching other people doing runs on YouTube. So she doesn’t keep having to search for these things again I agreed we could put a page on the blog.  This is the Agility Video page.

For those of you interested in agility than we hope you find it useful. If there are particular handlers / dogs, runs or techniques you have come across and find useful than please leave comments with links, send us a note or leave a comment on my Facebook page.

For those of you who aren’t into agility than hopefully you still enjoy watching some pretty talented dogs and their handlers do a pretty good job of keeping up with them and telling them where to go (as we dogs aren’t that great at reading and counting numbers).


1st World Dog becoming famous



6 thoughts on “Mum’s a Nerd!

  1. I completely understand your feelings. Dad has turned into a nerd too! He has started to borrow DVDs and watch YouTube videos (that keeps me awake at night, what’s with the “inspiring” music playing along on those…). Your page is great though, I’m sure he’ll check that. Now I’m all hyped up thinking of agility though, need a run!

    • There is talk of creating a catalog at the club Working Bee of all the DVDs and stuff so it is easier for them to find. If you are coming then maybe your mum can take us over to play ball while your dad helps with that. Oh with you on the music. Thankfully mum hasn’t really figured that out yet.

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