Bodhi & The Beatles

While I feel compelled to break out in a barking version of ‘I am the walrus’… Walrus bark don’t they??? That is not the case for this post. No Beatles attacked tonight.

Happily minding my own business watching Mum cook dinner and WHAM… Incoming Beatle! WHAM again!!! Another Beatle (oh Wake Me Up Before You Go Go Beatles) and they just kept coming. One drove into the pineapple tin, one into the sink, one into Mum’s glass of wine (mum not happy with that one).

Mum tried rounding them out and taking them outside and sending them back out into the wide world. Did try one… Spat it out… Not my taste.

They seem to like the light (the same way I gravitate to food) so we ended up sitting in the dark once dinner was cooked.

Wonder if they will return tomorrow?


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