Training Tip Tuesday – Bum on Ground (otherwise know as Sit)

Was going to do ‘Shake’ today for Training Tip Tuesday. The first instruction was to go into a sit… Realised we haven’t done sit. So here is sit.

Most owners probably head along to some sort of puppy school when they have a young pup. Sit is one of the 1st things taught there so apologies if this is going back a bit basic but thought it was worth talking about just in case.

My version of sit is that you shouldn’t need to handle me into sit, especially not pushing down on my bum. Instead ‘sit’ is about getting me to move into that position myelf and then rewarding me for doing so.

An easy way to get me to move to a sit position is to stand in front. Put a treat in your hand with your palm facing up and then move your hand in a slow quarter/ half circle motion up past my nose and stop just above my nose. What you want is the movement of me smelling the treat and looking up at it to make my bum go down. Make sense? Here is a pic (although mum’s hand probably a bit further way than what is was when we were 1st learning… don’t you love the look of concentration on my face).


As soon as bum hits ground than use your reward word (mum says ‘yes’) or a clicker and hand over the treat (as quickly as you can so we get the idea that bum on ground = good… if we stand or jump than don’t treat and do a nice gentle “oh-no” and try again). Do this a couple of times and once it is happening pretty quickly add the word ‘sit’ as you initially move your hand.

Once sitting with you standing in front is consistent than move to standing on the side, saying sit and if needed do the hand movement so food goes to just above the nose again. Don’t forget to mix it up with sometimes in front and sometimes behind. Don’t overdo it. Just 4-5 goes maximum in a little training session and then move onto something else. If moving beside isn’t happening go back to standing in front and go back to the side later (no rush to do all the tricks at once).

Beside just being a basic good dog some places to use sit include before getting any food I have to sit and use my manners (ie not bark or jump). When we are out on a walk I have to sit beside mum and wait before we cross the road and in an emergency when calling ‘come’ could put me in danger (eg of a car driving past if I am out the front off lead) then sit is a way for me to stay still while the danger passes and mum gets to me.

Here is a great little clip of Dr Katrina and Cash (from the The Wonderdogs) showing how to sit

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9 thoughts on “Training Tip Tuesday – Bum on Ground (otherwise know as Sit)

    • An idea to keep challenging Donna now, if she doesn’t already do it, is to sit automatically when you stop (great for walks when you stop on the kerb) and to sit when told at a distance from you (great for safety). We are working on the distance one too.

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