Dog Blogs & Monday Marketing Stuff

As promised last Monday our plan for Monday’s is to indulge mum and chat a bit of marketing stuff and also chat other dog blogs we have come across that we think are worth sharing.

So starting with marketing stuff… we are pretty new to the world of blogging but the good news for mum is that a lot of the stuff we read on blogging makes sense with her marketing background. One such thing is being genuine. Be it how a brand portrays itself in a TV ad (loving the new Purina ad!), the packaging of a new product (my Hills Science kibble bag (yeah I know… Light.. I honestly think mum spends too much time worrying about my bum) looks very different from my Schmackos packaging) or a stunt it pulls for PR… all of these things forms part of what makes a brand. For all purposes a blog is a brand. So what is the personality of a blog and are you being true to it?

To be honest, letting mum loose with Monday Marketing Stuff is a bit of experiment in brand stretch (maybe she just needs her own blog) but we are going to give it a go. The rule for mum is to keep it so I can understand and then explain it in 1st World Dog style.

So that is the thing with being genuine… it is way easier to be consistent with a brand personality if you are being true to who you are.  If one day I was writing my blog in the style of Hills Science (all very factual) and the next in the style of Schmackos (lots of colour and fun) then it would be a bit confusing to the sort of dog blogger I was. Instead when mum & I blog we try to keep it relaxed and conversational. Mum is a bit of a chatterbox with people we come across out on our walks, at dog parks and ohhh how we ever getting any training done at the dog club I don’t know. So this blog is in that style. It is written in a style that if mum wants to go back and re-read something to remember how she taught me a training trick or look at a recipe than it is in a style that she would honestly chat to a friend in.

It maybe something that isn’t a conscious decision, kinda like that rear leg pump thing I get if I get scratched on a certain point on my back, but we like to think about it just so we make sure we stay true to 1st World Dog.

Another blog that we have recently come across that has a nice relaxed style too is Paws and Pedals. Some posts about staying fit with your dog there but what really stood out for us and hence mentioning is a well researched post about ticks. After the nasty tick incident a fortnight ago it is something very top of mind at the moment.  If you are along Australia’s east coast than definitely worth a read.

Hope you enjoyed our Monday Marketing Stuff and love your paws up if you think we should keep it (or not).

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All too hard now… I need to zzzz

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