Games on a sleepy Sunday

Some much needed rain here in Sydney this morning so a lazy morning.
Scored some left overs from bacon and pancakes but had to work for it. Anyone who says ‘I don’t have time to train’ should chat to mum… Every time I want food at the moment I seem to have to do something to get it. No different on a Sleepy Sunday Morning. To get my leftovers I needed to find it under cups, then there was some backwards heel against the wall and a bit of changes of position (going between sit, drop and stand) including doing this both on the normal left side but also the right side.
Phew… Only 10mins tops but ready for a nap now… That’s the thing with training. It doesn’t need to be a formal class or outside with special equipment. It is just a couple of goes of each activity and lots treats and praise. That is all training takes.
So no matter what the weather is like where you are or how much space you have… That is no excuse for not training.

So what fun training did you add to your day today?

Zzzzz…. Off for my fav trick now…zzzzzz


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