I’m bored

This 2 weeks of resting is too long…..

We are off to do some training before mum and I both go nuts!!!

131107 Trouble (1)

I hadn’t raided the bin on mum’s floor in ages and yet in boredom decided to check it out….

131107 Trouble (2)

Upturn it…. rip up paper…. and generally make a mess.

There is a lot to be said for keeping me stimulated.


6 thoughts on “I’m bored

  1. Nemo was never so much into paper shredding, but Rico, on the other hand, will steal paper napkins, book marks out of library books, empty paper towel tubes and the toilet paper roll out of the bathroom if I don’t keep an eye on him! He does love a good shred, preferably on the comfort of my bed covers.

    • Hehe Rico. I have been like this since I was a pup when mum picked me up and I was shredding paper in the crate.
      Normally I am too tired to bother these days but the last fortnight has been SO boring.
      Went out and did some training today…. LOVED IT!

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