Photo Challenge Week 11 – The Sketch


Playing with apps again today we have gone for a pencil sketch version of me…. Guess what… Napping. That pretty much sums up this week. In nasty tick rest mode there has been lots of naps going on. Looking forward to some action next week what a homely pencil sketch seemed the best way to tell the story of this week.

Thanks Donna for inspiring us to find all these cool apps out there.


9 thoughts on “Photo Challenge Week 11 – The Sketch

  1. iPhone rocks…I have seriously good SLR cameras & lenses but the most fun I have is when I’m cycling with the dog & taking pics on the go…not knowing much of the time how they’ll turn out – & then playing with the apps & filters on the phone (& not have to edit on a computer) & creating cool pics. Will check out weliveinaflat closer…..

  2. I actually fear taking out my camera-camera for fear of spotting fungus on the lens D: I do love pencil sketch apps… although that seems to make real artists just a teeny bit redundant and even more distanced from the masses. Hard to make a living… Glad Bodhi has put in the resting time ^___^ giving you some peace and quiet!

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