Dog Blog & Marketing Monday… So the ratings are in the drama!

For anyone in Australia (and probably the UK) who was born before me (not too hard given you wouldn’t be reading this at 3.5yrs old unless you were very advanced or working on dog years) than you may recall some critical moments in Australian soapie history… Charlene & Scott’s Wedding on Neighbours? Sally leaving Home & Away? Or if you want to go WAY back we can talk The Flying Doctors or even A Country Practice. What do all of these shows have in common? A bit of good ol’ fashion drama!

Well last week proved that drama rates. Spend 48hrs in SASH Emergency Vet Hospital and double my usual visitors and views. Yep drama rates!

So don’t plan on doing that too often but it did prove an interesting diversion to worrying about me for mum. And for those that don’t know mum works in the world of marketing and research so she finds this stuff a bit interesting. I think part of her reason for helping with 1st World Dog is to understand the world of blogging. So being the helpful pup that I am we are going to start making Monday a day about Dog Blogs and maybe some of this marketing stuff. It is a bit of an experiment so as we get into it let us know what you think. We will work on some original material, find what else is out there and also happy to do guests so if you want to join in drop us a note.

Well better finish off with a health update. GOING NUTS! I WANT TO RUN AND JUMP! It is what I do!!!! Another week of rest, mental games, rationed food in difficult ways to access (mum trying to manage my weight while I’m not running around) but apart from that I’m good.

A special paws up to the lovely little humans next door for my Get Well card… Ahhhh sweet. Puppy licks guys and I will be back as soccer goalie soon.


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