Foodie Friday – Puppy Mint Balls

My mate Roy & Molly are SO lucky! There mum came along to training yesterday with these yummy treats. I think mum was even tempted to have one. We gobbled them up! Mum didn’t stand a chance of getting one!

So we are lucky enough that she shared the recipe…

What you will need to get out of the cupboard and fridge:

250g flour…I use rice
25g mint chopped….half bunch
15g parsley
3 T olive oil
250ml cold water, approx
1 T activated charcoal (opt)
What you do with the stuff:

Put flour herbs and charcoal in a bowl (mum kinda cheated and put them into the blender).

Puppy Mint Balls (4)
Mix in the oil and the water a little at a time, to make a smooth dough.

Puppy Mint Balls (1)

Roll into small balls…don’t make them big they will not cook through…….about 1cm round. Place on greased baking sheet or paper.

Puppy Mint Balls (3)

Bake 180c for 25-30 mins.

Store in a cool place (and probably out of reach of me!)
Puppy Mint Balls (2)

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