Keeping me entertained

So after all this tick stuff over the last few days the instruction from the vet is… No running or jumping. Oh seriously!!!


Yes I like to nap but that usually comes after a morning run and a couple of times a week doing agility training or heading to the beach or park for a run. This resting thing only really occurs once I have expended all energy.


What happens when I am bored is that I start acting a bit like a puppy and get into mischief (sorry toddler about your little toy pot plant thing).

So mum is coming up with games we can play… one of these is the 3 cups.

131031 Games (2)

Really easy to play so we took a little video so you can see how it goes… here it is.

Also works well with me only supposed to be eating small pieces of food at a time.

Ok back to naps now… have to prep for the kids coming around for Halloween night. Have to see if I can improve on last years efforts.

5 thoughts on “Keeping me entertained

    • Will keep you posted Ruby. Trying to learn one particular thing for agility. I’m awesome on one side (going right to left) but going left to right I keep flipping into the heel position… too much Obedience training!

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