My guard dog abilities are being questioned

Late post today as mum had friend over for arvo / evening.

Anyway… 1st World Dog under fire for guard dog duty abilities.

Friend arrives while family out. Mum supposedly communicating with friend via mobile and tells friend to go around the back and the family will be home soon. Friend calls out my name so I know she is friend and heads to back deck.

I spy friend on back deck while I am happily napping on lounge inside. She calls my name, raise my head and lower it and go back to napping.

Friend waits on deck.

House obviously under no threat.

Family arrive home not long after. Dad goes through to open door to back deck to let friend in and I put on appropriate bark and growl at stranger show. No one buying my delayed guard dog effort.

I clearly protected my lounge today… Just don’t interrupt my sleep.


3 thoughts on “My guard dog abilities are being questioned

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