Foodie Friday – Chicken Soup Iceblock

We continue with the cold stuff here on Foodie Friday as we have had some seriously hot days here in Sydney. Big Paws Up to the amazing NSW Rural Fire Service who have been out there trying to protect people, paws and property. Thankfully all the dog folks we know in the area are safe but there has been some terrible loss of properties. Stay safe folks.

OK back to Foodie Friday…

This Foodie Friday is one you can do as a quick one if you use packet chicken soup or it can be a bit more complex if you want to get fancy and make your own.

What you will need to get out of the cupboard and fridge:

This is where the easy or hard bit comes in. Easy version, which is what we did as mum has had a busy week, 1 x packet of chicken soup. We used the dried / powdery stuff you buy of the supermarket shelf.

And then you just need some water.

Easy ‘eh

What you do with the stuff:

With so few ingredients it can’t be too hard can it?

Boil some water.

Put the packet mix into a plastic container.

Pour some tap water into the container and then some boiled water (about half half… do this so you don’t melt the plastic container).

Then pop it into the freezer to well… freeze.

Chicken Soup Iceblock (2)

If you want to make it more interesting you can add stuff into the middle like in a Puppy Iceblock.

When  it is frozen simply pull it out of the freezer. Run the container under some water so the ice-block comes loose from container and pop it out to enjoy.

Chicken Soup Iceblock (1)

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