Is there a puppy version of man flu?

I’m a bit sore…

Mum came home from being out yesterday to find me sulking, limping and the real give-away…. I couldn’t jump up on the bed.

Concerned (it is tick season), I was whisked off to the vet.

Thankfully it just seems I have pulled a muscle in my back leg-hip. Given some pain relief, told to rest and will look at it again tmw.

So now I am doing my best effort of sulking….


But haven’t lost my appetite (good sign)….


Not being able to jump up onto bed also means I can’t jump up onto lounge…. Both of my usual sleeping spots. Mum has set me up with a big cushion on the floor….


So I will go on sulking with my puppy version of man-flu.

(p.s. Mum woke this morning to find me on the lounge… Good sign as far as she is concerned… And seem to be walking a bit better. No morning run and waiting to see how the day progresses).

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