Failed at guard dog duties

This is the pot that mum had been growing lettuce in out on the deck….


This is what happens to the lettuce when cockatoos raid mum’ pot….


While mum was out and I was resting my eyes (yes…sleeping) inside on the lounge the cockatoos decided to do some ‘gardening’ of mum’s lettuce.

Much to her disgust it wasn’t a case of them eating it. It just seems they ripped the little lettuces out.

It turns out I am not much of a guard dog. I slept through the whole ‘gardening’ event.

Back on duty now….


ps mum…. just for the record… guard dog duty is probably not my strength.

3 thoughts on “Failed at guard dog duties

    • It all depends on whether mum is around or not. I am far more conscious of my guard dog duties when mum is around (to the point of being annoying barking at EVERYTHING) but when she isn’t around…zzzzzz

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