Training Tip Tuesday – Touch & Out

This is a favourite exercise for mum & I.  As the name suggests it is made up of 2 parts. Let’s start with the easy one…

‘Touch’. Put the treat in your hand. Say ‘touch’. When dog touches the hand (which we more than likely will because the food is in there) use your trigger word (mum uses ‘yes’) and hand over the treat. Easy enough.

The ‘out’ bit… Not much harder. Have the treat in your hand. A good treat for this is cheese cut into about 1cm cubes. Besides being yummy it also easy to find (even in grass) and quick to eat. Using another word throw the food out. Hence mum uses the word ‘out’ (she is a simple creature really) as we use this exercise to practice distance work for agility. It also means she has to practice holding her arm out once she has thrown the food (harder than it sounds for mum it seems). I run out to get the treat. This can be at a variety of angles and from either hand (so mum ‘s aim can be questionable on the side she doesn’t normally throw from). The other thing mum adds to this sometimes is making me go over a jump on the out (this really tests her aim which sometimes can be problematic).

Put together ‘touch’ and ‘out’ become a fun game which has me focus on mum. ‘Touch’ I run in and touch her hand and ‘out’ I follow the line of her arm. To start off with there was always food on the touch and the out. Now sometimes there is and sometimes there isn’t (but this is the case with a lot of things we have been doing for a while).

We don’t need a lot of space to play this. If we are in a smaller area mum just does little throws on out or we just play touch where she puts the food in different hands and moves her hands into different positions.

Hope you enjoy a game of ‘touch’ and ‘out’ and don’t forget some yummy treats.

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