Waiting then woohoo!

We went to a Rally O trial this morning. Unlike agility trials where we have a few events and hence get into pretty quickly, in rally it is just the one event so there is a bit of waiting…


So I got comfy…


Then decided mum would make a good pillow…


Until it was finally our go.

Lined up beautifully and mum had her fingers crossed….
Hmmm 2nd station in is a jump. That looks fun. Ignore 1st station and head for jump (I’m an agility dog after all). Mum convinced me to turn around before the jump (something about a DQ if I did the jump before the 1st station) but got distracted on the way back to mum by the offset figure of 8 thingy which had food but decided it was best to go back to mum… Mum said ‘retry’ to that 1st station and off we went…

And woohoo…. 1st place!

So here is me and my cool ribbon (and a pillow they gave to mum which I might snaffle).

10 thoughts on “Waiting then woohoo!

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