Does my bum look straight?

It all started with me playing a game of limbo, knocking the odd bar (sometimes on the over and sometimes on the way under) and well getting the nickname of “One Bar Bodhi” as the odd bar has been the difference between a pass or not at a few trials.

Mum has been seeking advice and trying a range of things. Some involve me thinking more about the fact I have back legs . Another involved Bowen therapy…. hmmmm a massage. Today we went to see a Canine Chiro. A long drive, turns out people with lots of dogs seem to live a bit further away from us on big blocks of land, but met this nice guys who took one look at me and went…. hmmm (but not the same tone as my massage hmmmm).

He got me to walk around with mum while he looked at me from the back and then we went into his room and he ran his fingers along my spine. The actual stuff he did wasn’t too bad. There were definitely a few points where it was tight and he worked a bit harder… but I was brave. Mum kept giving me lots of pats and telling me what a good boy I was. Then he had me walk around again so he could look at me from behind. I am starting to get a complex…. “Does my bum look straight?”

130912 Bum

There was also a conversation had about this helping me run faster…. mum less keen on this. Something about complaining about keeping up with me on a course now. Come on mum!



5 thoughts on “Does my bum look straight?

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